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Rita Row was born in Figueres (Girona) in June 2013, and is made up of two halves, Imma Serra and Xènia Semis.


Since its creation, the brand has set very clear goals:  to create garments with an elegant and comfortable functionality. Inspired by the image of a modern, hardworking and free woman, Rita Row made a philosophy of design and production. 


Rita Row feels and promotes the commitment to the industry of proximity and quality; added value to their work philosophy. This is a project with integral soul, that combines tradition, conscience, design and exclusivity.


The brand offers a new generation of quality garments to women who look for distinctive garments. Rita is the woman looking for comfort, quality and style, all in the same garment.


“Rita” is the imaginary character that acts its designers as a source of inspiration to develop their collections, from the Costa Brava, for a current, hard-working, and free woman. Each collection is inspired by a theme, creating delicate and simple garments, with a contemporary, urban and comfortable elegance.

Rita's universe, that breathes the Mediterranean air that only things that are designed near the sea can have."

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