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Locally made clothing is uniquely positioned for increased ethical consciousness. Defined as garments made, designed and constructed in the hometown or country of the brand, these products allow brands to contribute to the local economy, while also having greater control over their supply chains. Producing locally not only supports small producers in the process, but it also allows designers to be reactive to best sellers.

What local production does afford the brand is the chance to take more control over these processes. Armed with greater knowledge about where the fabrics have originated, the brand can strives to make their garments as ethical as possible. And by supporting these fashion line, consumers can also have this effect on their own wardrobes. There is great value to be found in locally made fashion. Not just in terms of the creativity of these products, but also in terms of supporting local economy and employment, while also reducing fashion’s environmental impact.



Ethical and Sustainable Production

Responsible trade


Sustainable Fashion is in a unique position for greater ethical awareness. Defined as garments made, designed and built in the hometown or country of the brand, our products allow us to contribute to the local economy while allowing us better control over our supply chains. With greater knowledge about the origin of fabrics, we are able to make our garments as ethical as possible. And consumers who support this type of fashion line will also have this reflected in their own closets.


There is a great value to be found in Sustainable Fashion, not only in terms of the creativity of these products but also in terms of support for the local economy and employment while reducing the environmental impact of fashion.


100% of our garments are manufactured on the Iberian Peninsula with 55% locally made in Spain and 45% from sustainable Portuguese partners. All our garments are produced ethically. Those who work in the textile production chain receive a fair wage as well as working in a secure and dignified environment. 


Our team has developed close and long-term working relationships with the factories in our supply chain and we consider each employee of the factory as a member of the Rita Row team.


The threads and fabrics come from throughout Europe (in particular from Spain, Italy, and France). The majority of our fabrics have the prestigious OEKO TEX certificate.


Our supply chain is as sustainable as possible. We strive to achieve fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout this chain. And we prioritize products with recycled and ecological content to minimize environmental impact.


We are in favor of trends that contribute to implementing values in a society which is willing to consume more consciously. It is not an impossible mission, we just need all of us to take a responsible and ethical attitude towards fashion as Rita Row does.

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